Latex is a very sensitive material that needs a lot of care and attention. To ensure that you´ll have as much fun with your latex garments for as long as possible we are happy to provide you with a number of care instructions.



1. Always use talcum powder or water based lubricant inside all latex clothing before use. Forcing it on without aid may cause the fabric to rip.

2. Keep latex away from heat and daylight, even indoors, store it in a dark wrapping.

3. Do not store light colored latex with stronger colours as the stronger colours can stain the lighter ones.

4. Keep latex away from metals. It might stain or get otherwise damaged.

5. Avoid contact with ALL oils. Oils can permanently stain or otherwise damage latex so keep away from greasy fingers, baby oil, moisturizers which are oil based and fake tan.

6. To get your garment smooth and shiny we always recommend to use a milky polish.




1. After use, turn the garment inside out and put it in a bucket or basin with cold water

2. Add a few drops of "Special Wash Ultra clean" washing up liquid into the bucket and wash the item(s) thoroughly by hand.

3. After having thoroughly cleansed the garment(s), please wash it clean with a cold water shower until it is free of any foam or remainder of detergent etc.

4. Hang the garment at a sun protected place to dry.




- Take a plastic bag and put some talcum in it.

- Then take the fully dried garment, which should still be turned inside out, and put it into the bag

- Hold the bag closed and shake it a few times so that the talcum can smoothly settle arcross the garment

- Take out the garment and turn it outside in.

- Apply a care and shine liquid like Silky Shine (available at SECRETS) on a soft sponge cloth and start polishing the garment until it feels smooth and looks shiny again.

- You can also leave the last step out until the item is worn again.

- Put the garment into a dark wrapping to store it until the next use.



- Printed latex is more delicate and requires special treatment. When polishing on print, use a dabbing method or light strokes. Vigorous rubbing may cause the print to wear off.

- Take extra care when wearing printed latex. As with all fabrics it is possible that the print on some printed latex may "wear". This is more common where the garment is rubbing against itself or other garments (e.g. under armpits, corsets, jackets, handbags...)


Should you have further questions regarding latex care, pls don´t hesitate to contact us.




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