We offer only high quality handmade lifestyle and fetish fashion and are proud to collaborate with the most renowned European brands, some of which we offer exclusively in Germany.


ATSUKO KUDO (Only available at SECRETS in Germany!)

Atsuko Kudo, who has not only become famous through her extravagant creations for celebrities like Lady Gaga or Katy Perry, designs and manufactures a full range of ladies wear exclusively in latex. All of her garments and accessories are designed for women who wish to look and feel beautiful, feminine and strong.

In Germany, Atsuko Kudo couture is only available at SECRETS.


ARDITA FETISH FASHION (Only available at SECRETS in Germany!)

Ardita Fetish Fashion is a rising latex couture label from Holland that wants to show the world the potential of latex and break through the prejudice that surrounds this beautiful material. Making it more acceptable also for day to day wear and any social event. Key features of Ardita Fetish Fashion creations are the use of colors and innovative designs. But especially the use of large applications in pattern style that gives the material a signature texture and makes it possible to work with more color combinations



For many years Patrice Catanzaro has delivered outstanding lifestyle fashion, clubwear and seductive lingerie and we are happy to present a huge variety of his most enticing collections at SECRETS. The Catanzaro Collections are also available in their entirety through our online shop


benno von stein

The German label is best known for its outstanding leather designs and accessories in connection with high material quality and comfortableness.



Peter is a Dutch top designer who – like no other – combines different fabrics like latex, pvc or normal cloth in his creations. His fashion is made to wear for any occasion and can be beautifully combined with all sorts of clothing styles, no matter if it´s for a party, the dancefloor or the office.



Established in 2002 in the heart of Berlin. TO.mTO set themselves the highest quality standards when it comes to materials, workmanship and attention to detail in order to guarantee durability and usability, even under heavy stress and frequent use of the garment.


TATJANA WARNECKE We are extremely happy to be offering the "Cosmic Couture" collection from this outstanding designer. All items are fashioned from high-qualitative materials and handled with utmost craftsmanship. Warnecke's trade mark, her signature - the abundant use of ribbed glossy vinyl (a three-dimensional synthetic fabric) is known and valued all over the world. Meanwhile her designs are not only worn at fetish events, but seen in video clips, for cosplay and used on stage as well. Now, we are bringing it to the Trier-Luxemburg Region.



YourShape corsets are top quality fashion items, handmade in Germany. They are made only from fabrics handpicked by the designer. Stainless steel metal bones and clasps from Germany ensure their stability and durability. Every corsets is lined with a pre-washed body, made of pure cotton which wears extremely comfortable on the skin. YourShape corsets are real laced corsets which underline the female curves and perfectly combine flexibility and tight hold without feeling like an amour for the wearer.



Honour UK have been continuously delivering breathtaking creations since the late 1980s and heavily influencing the zeitgeist and fetish lifestyle. One of their latest coups was the collaboration with William Wilde, infamously known for his exquisite handmade latex couture worn by Kylie Minogue among others.



For more than 20 years, the English label Libidex has been pushing the boundaries of design and innovation in the area of latex fashion and has inspired fashion icons like Gaultier, Mugler or McQueen.



The name says it all. Noir Handmade produces exciting lifestyle fashion and clubwear which can be easily combined with any other clothing style. Each garment has a special twist and is beautifully handcrafted.


MANSTORE PREMIUM BODYWEAR To all you alpha males out there. We are happy to be offering you all the latest and greatest from MANSTORE from now on. MANSTORE under- and outerwear combines the best in quality and design, combined with a passion for luxury. MANSTORE is genuine quality Made In Germany



Since its foundation in 1998, Petra Dos Santos ranks among the best addresses when it comes to high quality leather accessories. Dos Santos produces her garments still in the traditional way out of her Berlin atelier together, with a small number of employees. She controls all the different stages of the design and the manufacturing process. The label sets high values on FAIR TRADE, using only leather from German or European sources and – other than in India or Pakistan - not exposing the material or her employees to any kind of chemicals or toxic substances.



Mondin produces spectacular handcrafted feather and lace accessories. These accessoires fit perfectly to latex, corsets, lingerie, burlesque outfits or can simply be worn on naked skin;-)



We are presenting the luxury leather accessories from Italian artisan manufacture ABSIDEM. They combine quality, craftsmanship and vaguard design. The leather is being processed only naturally and without any poisonous chemicals. The chokers come in a beautiful packaging and are therefore perfectly fitted to be used as a gift for your loved one.



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